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Serenity - Prologue and Chapter One

Title: Serenity
Disclaimer: I own neither the characters presented in this story nor the shows from which they originate. Unfortunately.

Rating: R
Summary: Found alone wandering in the desert, Max Evans first confronted the confusion of the world when he was eight years old. Although everything was unfamiliar, he quickly learned two things: one, he wasn't like everybody else, and, two, if he wanted to survive, no one could discover who – what – he really was. This meant no friends, no connections, absolute isolation and loneliness... even from his own family, leaving his senses dangerously stimulated and Max seeking any way possible to numb them.
Paring: Max and Liz (Dreamers)
Genre: AU Angst/Romance
Status: In-Progress
A/N: Like with my Roswell previous story, I wrote this fic years ago and never posted it. This means that it's already completed; I just need to find time to edit and update it. However, this also means that my recollection of what my headspace was like while writing it is pretty much nonexistent. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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